Set pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag Lumina 3D-e FSe
Picture : Lumina Clinic 3D-e NTe set

Lumina Clinic 3D-e NTe set

Get both surface and local intensive applications from one set.

Due to its dimensions, the A12PL cushion applicator is ideal for full-body applications. The switch on the A6P2 applicator changes the magnetic field intensity, which works locally (SPOT) or on a wider area (WIDE).

The customised EB5 bag will provide protection even when frequently carried.

New and better therapy indication principle

In all Biomag® devices, the programs with the names of diagnoses are completely replaced with a new method of therapy indication.

New Biomag® devices offer a selection of 6 substantially innovated therapeutic effects, which can achieve excellent therapy results when applied twice a day for 20 minutes.

These effects build upon the vast analysis of a multitude of clinical studies from all over the world and are focused on the key therapeutic effects of the pulsed magnetic field.

Photogallery - Lumina Clinic 3D-e NTe set