How and where to buy?

Biomag provides sale to end customers through our partner network of specialist advisors. Our devices require such an attitude, as it is important to assess the suitability of the medical device, and combination of the device itself and various applicators, all while considering your particular health issues.

Your satisfaction with the results of the therapy are very important for us.

How to proceed with purchase ?

How and where to buy Biomag therapy?
How and where to buy?
  1. Leave your contact details in the contact form below.
  2. We will make sure that our specialist nearest to your location will contact you.
  3. Time and place of meeting will be arranged.

What can you expect from our specialist advisors?

  • They will provide any and all information you might be interested in.
  • Your health issues will be assesed.
  • Possible contraindications will be discussed.
  • Our specialist advisor will help you choose the most suitable combination of device and applicator.
  • Our specialist advisor will let you try out a device or arrange an order for a chosen device.
  • Our specialist advisor will provide support for the duration of you using our devices.

Filling the contact form is not binding.
Possible order is arrranged after the initial meeting upon agreement with our specialist advisor.